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A Toast to Finals From Kelly of The Classy Academic

For today’s blog takeover, I asked Kelly from The Classy Academic to write a post! I love all her blog posts and she is honestly so sweet! I hope you like her blog post as much as I did! Make sure you check out her blog and her Instagram! Now on to Kelly’s post!

Hello! I was so excited when Molly asked me to write a guest post for her blog. On my blog, I usually post tips for college students and young professionals. It’s the end of the semester, so it’s crunch time for students with final exams and papers. On my last blog post “Managing Projects and Studying”, I shared tips on how to not get overwhelmed with finals and things you can do to manage your time and stress. Molly suggested for me to write a post on finishing the semester strong, but today’s post I thought I may go in a different direction.


I think that it is so important to reward yourself once you are finished with your finals. Finals can be so stressful, so find ways to treat yourself after each one. Once you have finished all of your exams, papers, and requirements for all of your classes, get together with your friends and/or roommates to celebrate your accomplishments. Even though you probably won’t find out your final grade for a few weeks, it’s great to use this time to reflect on your work from the semester and give yourself a pat on the back for making it to the end!


After each final or paper submission, treat yourself to ice cream or watch your favorite show or whatever you like to do! It’s very tempting to be distracted by and do these things while you are trying to study. Instead, use these as mini rewards to motivate you to stay on task and to treat yourself afterwards. Of course, if you still have more finals it’s probably smart to not indulge too much into these mini rewards so you still have time to focus on the remaining exams/papers.


As you’re studying and finishing up your finals, get together or text your friends and/or roommates and plan an activity or get-together to celebrate your accomplishments. Making these plans will get you excited to finish your finals and get you excited for a chance to finally kick off your shoes. Whether if it’s a big party or just getting all of your friends to come over to watch some movies and make dinner or bake, celebrating any accomplishment isn’t as rewarding if it’s not spent with those you love and care for—especially if they are celebrating the same thing!

The best part of doing this is that, eventually, your “Finals Celebration” (however you choose to go about it) will become a tradition for you and your friends that you will always cherish! Good luck to everyone with your finals and Happy Holidays!




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